Dental Exams and Cleanings

Silver Spring, Maryland

Pediatric Dental Exams and Cleanings

One of the most important things parents can do for their children is to teach them the
value of caring for their oral health right from the start. That includes routine brushing
and flossing, along with regular dental exams and cleanings. Our team at My Kids
Dental Center looks forward to working alongside you to lay the groundwork for healthy,
happy smiles for life.

How We Help You and Your Child Feel Right at Home

My Kids Dental Center is more than a pediatric dentistry practice. It is a safe and happy place that we hope you and your child will come to love. We've considered every detail and worked hard to create an exciting and enjoyable space for your little one. From our seamless transitions to our beautiful office and cutting-edge, compassionate care, expect a one-of-its-kind pediatric dentistry experience!

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How Often Should You Schedule Your Child's Dental Visits?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends scheduling your child's first
dental visit when the first tooth appears and no later than the first birthday. Most kids
require routine dental exams and cleanings every six months from that point on.
However, if your child is prone to tooth decay or has specific oral health needs, we may
recommend more frequent care.

What Happens During a Pediatric Dental Exam?

Dr. Cargill always takes the time to ensure your little one feels comfortable in the dentist's chair. Her goal is to develop lasting positive associations with visiting the dentist. 

Our acclaimed pediatric dentist will conduct a gentle dental exam to evaluate every aspect of your child's oral health, including the teeth, gums, lips, and overall development. She may take digital x-rays, if needed, to uncover any underlying condition not visible during a physical examination. 

If Dr. Cargill detects any potential problems such as signs of tooth decay, she will recommend prompt treatment to ensure the condition does not progress and cause further damage. At My Kids Dental Center, we're dedicated to preventing the onset or progression of dental problems to avoid costly and extensive dental procedures down the road.

What Happens During a Pediatric Dental Cleaning?

During your child's professional cleaning, our dental hygienist will gently remove plaque and tartar deposits from your little one's teeth and around the gum line. Next is professional brushing and flossing to leave those pearly whites clean and fresh. We may also recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen your child's teeth and make them more resistant to decay and cavities. 

We may take some time to demonstrate oral hygiene practices, including proper brushing and flossing techniques. We are happy to answer any questions about maintaining your child's oral health. 

Pediatric Dental Exams and Cleanings Near Me

Comprehensive exams and cleanings are necessary preventative measures to keep tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems at bay. Our pediatric dentist and team at My Kids Dental Center look forward to establishing healthy habits for long-term healthy smiles. We invite you to contact our Silver Spring office to schedule your child's dental exam and cleaning or request one online today!